Yoga is like an invisible thread that has accompanied Klaudia for over 12 years. Coming from a spatial design background she loves spaces and atmospheres. Klaudia is dedicated to deepen her understaning on internal spaces—reflection is her routine. Through Kundalini Yoga and sound she explores the subtlety between inner and outer perception. She creates transparent spaces and safe atmospheres to reflect and re-connect.

Her classes will guide you through gentle journeys to unleash the depth of your full potential—to experience a deep sense of self. To open up and make space for what is true and authentic.

Each class is different and uniquely curated, focused on a particular intention. It combines various elements such as movement, breathing exercises, the sound of a gong, and occasional the use of a harmonium, tibetan and crystal bowls—all harmoniously intertwoven with music [ some music for you ].

KLAUDIA LEWI is a 800h+ certified and experienced yoga fasilitator – After her first 200h Multistyle Yoga TT at Mahi Yoga School in India, she lived and served for 3 month at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram. Followed by a 220h Hatha Yoga TT (BYV) at Yoga Vidya e.V. and 220h Kundalini Yoga (Level 1) TT at Karam Kriya–International School (KRI) of Kundalini Yoga in Berlin. In 2023 she deepened her practice through a 200h TT at Original Feelings Studio, led by Simon Park (Liquid Flow Yoga), Brooklyn Reardonn and Mascha Trietsch.

She expanded her practice by attending a Harmonium learning seminar at Yoga Vidya (Bad Meinberg). Additionally, she completed the Level 1 Theta Healing® Basic DNA training with Juliana Tash in Berlin, followed by a Basic Gong Master Training with Nora (Green Yoga). She also participated in the “Spirit of Sound” training with Soniereo Collective, focusing on Tibetan Bowls and voice activation. Followed by an indivdual 1:1 Gong Training (Basic 1–3) with and by Kay Karl (Gong Sound Healing Arts) and completed a Frequency Facilitator & Ambient Ritual traning by Kimi Recor.

Alongside her commitment to sound expertise, Klaudia continues to delve into holding space, coaching, and conducting personalized sessions. Currently, she manages the Original Feelings Studio in Berlin.