When I open up, I am mindful and let the inner river whispering the direction, guide me. It takes me – moment to moment – where I want to be. My gatherings are stones, extraordinary leaves or flowers, pieces of wood, roots, fruits.. Sometimes the shape calls me; sometimes it’s colour or it’s structure. One by one carrying them with me, miles along, holding them dear like the most precious things in the world. Realising – piece by piece - how each of these objects reflects parts of my inner self. Something inside me responds to each object — A moment conceived as a feeling and formed individually so I can look at it, sit next to it, feel it and process it.

Occasionally I can let go easily, feeling lighter without their presence. Some of them I want to let go, but I haven’t managed yet. Some of them hold a special spot in my apartment or have been passed on to someone I like. Some of them lose touch and some are rediscovered,  integrating themselves into an arrangement, as part of a bigger composition.

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