+ I did my level 1 Kundalini teacher training with ARDAS (Mara) KAUR in Berlin. Some of you might know her from Yellow Yoga. Unfortunerly she is not teaching anymore. Her Kundalini & Gong sessions are divine. As a teacher she supported me in facing my fear of speaking in front of ppl and in becoming a teacher myself. 

+ Ardas comes from the school led by SHIV CHARAN SINGH, the founder of the International Karam Kriya School. He's a humorous, very wise and down-to-earth teacher with a British accent that enjoys life in his beautiful ashram in Portugal. His 1 on 1 Session deeply supported my path.

+ GURU GAGAT is someone I call my teacher. In her presence, I perceived for the first time something deeply touching, which I could not grasp, but only feel. A very special and radiant person—her presence was pure, playful, very inspiring, and incredibly loving. She was shining and reminding everyone of the beauty and purity of their being. She passed 2021 and left a great legacy of knowledge.

She is also the founder of RAMA Institute (a place with an incredible container of knowledge). They also offer teacher trainings..

+ JAI DEV SINGH, fonder of the LIFE–FORCE ACADEMY. Powerfull and deep deep online classes with beautiful music! From the first moment, I felt very connected and alighned with his way of teaching.. Highly recommended. 

+ SADHANA WORKS is the place I would recommend for a teacher training. It’s pure and close to the source of what Kundalini Yoga is in it’s essence, lead by the amazing Marianna Harpree.

+ BIRJIWAN (also from RAMA Crew) and her soft and feminine personality will emphasize the sweetness of your soul. She is full of wisdom, gifted with an angelic voice that will lead you to clear anything heavy in your system.

AMANDA NORGAARD is an incredible inspiring woman that will guide you gracefully straight to heaven. 

+ I also recommend AKAL ANANDs kundalini online offerings. She’s a spherical and blissfull being that will inspire you to acknowlede in your infinity.

+ With her voice EUGE HAR (founder of HAR STUDIO, Berlin) will clear the space around and within you, and powerfully lead you into the higher realms of your being. If you don't want to show commitment, this isn't the right place for you. 

+ PANCH NICHAN is a bright soul with an incredible heart and lightness that raises your energy simply with her presence. She is a traditional Kundalini Yoga teacher leading Kundalini teacher trainings. 

+ GURUMUKH (aka GOLDEN BRIDGE YOGA) is someone I hold dear to my heart. I have not yet had the honor to see her live, but her online practices are impressive. A wise and very powerful lady worth checking out.

+ Back in the days, I regularly visited PAULA MALHERBEs classes. She has a clear, consistent, reliable teaching style and is full of knowledge.

T E A C H E R S  /

+ RAM DASS has always been someone who could put things into words that I could not always understand but feel deeply inside me. He is an incredible teacher of life—a living wisdom. Someone with whom you can dive into the deeper realms of life. I also highly recommend his books.

"Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough.” — Ram Dass

The HERE AND NOW podcast by the Love Serve Remember Foundation is a valuable collection of his lectures and spiritual talks.


+ My biggest and trues teacher has always been life and nature itself. And oh my, I tried a lot. For my first yoga teacher training I traveled to India, followed by two others in Germany. I did 3x ten days of silence retreats by Goenka and lots of body psychotherapy / Bioenergetische Analyse (highly recommended!!). I tried plant medicine such as Kambo and Ayahuasca. All were always guided and supported by a crazy amount of self-study (like books, podcasts, workshops, community spaces, and singing circles (PS: I am a devoted Krishna lover)). And I visited ashrams—again and again—until I decided to stay in one for several months..

I have always been obsessively searching for truth and the meaning of life—I devoted myself to the journey so intensely that at some point I even got lost in it. I forgot that living itself is the purpose of life. It's a process—a beautiful journey that leads nowhere else than straight to your heart.

I firmly believe that the only thing that remains is love. And I belive in the presence and endless creation of pure beauty and joy, in and around us.

In summary: It has always been a combination of everything that calls me and touches my heart—following my inner voice no matter what the rest of the world says. Which is not always easy and can often be lonely.. I firmly believe that we are all searching for the same thing, but the ways to get there (whatever that means) are individual. We are all different, hold different stories and gifts. So explore yourself, discover with curiosity, and dare to be guided from within. Form your own opinion. Wisdom is everywhere and in everything—If the call comes from a pure place within, and if you are ready to receive what you ask for, it will unfold in front of you like the most precious gift you have ever received.

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( i carry dear to my heart )

The Creative Act: A Way of Being – Rick Rubin
Clarity & Connection – Yung Pueblo
The Only Dance There Is — Ram Dass
 Intimacy — Osho
The Journey of the Heart — John Welwood
Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrende — David R. Hawkins

Conversations with God (1 to 3) — Neale Donald Walsch
Women Who Run with the Wolves — Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Eastern Body, Western Mind — Anodea Judith
The Body Keeps the Score — Bessel van der Kolk
Krishnamurti's books are WOW, all of them
Demian – Herman Hesse
The Alchemist – Pablo Coelho