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I did my first Tantric Yoga experience at the 3HO European Kundalini Yoga Festival in France.

White Tantric Yoga was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had in the community. After 3 days of intense practice, the world was golden. It felt like walking in heaven. Never before have I perceived the world, my surroundings, and, therefore myself in such a bright and deeply touching way.

It was like I had entered another level of consciousness, a re-connected with my higher self. I remember my eyes being wide wide open—shining bright like a curious child. As I looked around, I was surrounded by beauty. The wind was singing the freedom song of pleasure, the sun illuminated every living thing without exception. I was crying out of gratitude. And my tears created little rainbow light on my eyelashes. I remember thinking: If a god exists, he/she/it is present now.

The world was radiant, and I could not believe this was the reality I was part of. I was high on life and deeply in love with what is. This experience showed me the deeper levels of the practice—the rebound and grace of kundalini yoga and shaped my dedication and the importance of practicing together.

At the beginning of these 3 days of intense practice, I acknowledged a lot of resistance. During the whole process, I went through many layered patterns, constantly repeating stuff (thoughts, fears, insecurities) that I know from daily life.. I even stopped and ran out on the 2nd day. It felt too much.. but I came back. And—maybe because I kept up—the mind got tired of this repetition—at one point, everything dropped. My mind dropped into the heart, and my heart expanded in all directions. I experienced that I have a choice—I have the choice to stick with pain (fear..) OR acknowledge with curiosity what is beneath.. I allowed myself to be guided. I chose love over fear, so something bigger could move through me. Something very gentle and bright. My resistance transformed into an ever-growing sense of curiosity and lightness.

White Tantra is a space where polarities melt into pure presence. It’s an activation of your heart.

From then on, I knew there was a bright source of beauty, love, light, and an inner everlasting knowing within me. Not because I read about it, but because I experienced it. Acknowledging this was a big revealing—I truly started to embody the practice of Kundalini Yoga.